Updating cpan modules

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Updating cpan modules

Depending on your needs, take also a look at cpanminus and local::lib. None of those require root privileges; you have to enjoy this.Don't forget that using the Ubuntu outdated Perl packages is almost crazy, because they are really old versions, and you just don't need to hurt yourself by using this old stuff. While the software that is part of that release will get bug fixes and security patches, new major releases of software and the new features that come with them will not be available. When Ubuntu releases a new version of its OS every 6 months, that release is largely frozen in time.What’s the most reliable (and easiest) way to update my current version, ensuring that everything I’ve done with the nmake dance with will still be there after updating?As others noted, start by installing the new perl in a separate place.

That way you could have the new perl on removable media.I have several perls installed, each completely separate from all of the others.To do that, you’ll have to configure and compile the sources yourself. This is a Pod document that lists all of the extra stuff you’ve installed, and understands how to use that to reinstall everything.Not sure about building it yourself—I always just used prepackaged binaries for Windows.I’m not sure I understand exactly what you’re asking.

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When I first put Perl on, I went to CPAN, downloaded all the sources, made a few changes (in the . to support threads, or things like that), and did nmake / nmake test / nmake install.