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He said did you know that walking a mile is as good for you as running a mile etc. There was an advert on Scottish TV from Scottish executive that showed Gavin Hastings (rugby player) walking swimming and running a mile. You might be able to freewheel the whole way, so running would certainly expend more energy. It also depends on what you mean by 'better for you'.

It is important to note that aerobic power improvement is specific to the muscles used in the training activity - principally the quadriceps in cycling and the plantar flexors in walking.

The report did allow that in this period it was common practice, and not illegal.

However, the main Bordeaux–Paris race did not start until 1891, and the cyclist who supposedly died in 1886, Arthur Linton, actually finished second in 1896 and died a few weeks later, reportedly from a combination of drug-induced exhaustion and typhoid fever.

If you merely wanted to reduce your risks of heart disease, then you would not need to reach any training thresholds to gain benefits.

Both activities undertaken at an easy intensity may be equally able to reduce 'bad' cholesterol, increase 'good' cholesterol and reduce blood pressure.

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Conversely, cycling will elevate the heart rate to a higher level (potentially too high for the unfit) but you would complete the distance before you have really started giving yourself any benefit.

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