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Avg 8 updating

Bob OS: Vista Version: AVG Anti-Virus paid AVG Version: 10.0.1388Mine is a paid version and I am having the same problems.antivirus, antispyware and linkscanner not updating. avg says to uninstall and reinstall, did that no luck, but they said they can buddy browse my system and find the reason why but charge is 129.99 for that service...funny paid money to protect four machines but have to pay to have them fix their f-up.Worth noting is the FREE VERSION is run on fewer servers and those can go down at times.

You are sooo right about making backups, which I didn't do. Formatting is likely the best thing I could do right now, but I'm not sure where to start. Please, if you can, point me in the right direction of a thread or website that would help me.3] Your system details.4] What Firewall do you use?5 What is the Many times I can fix that with an uninstall and reinstall of their product.Unfortunately, my pc was recently infected and it is bad.After going through a few antivirus/spyware/malware programs, things have improved slightly, but there are still problems.

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That's why you put all that stuff onto a CD earlier.

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